M.Sc. Qitao Yin

wiss. Mitarbeiter

Building  B 6, 28 - Room C 404

Email:  qyin@mail.uni-mannheim.de

Tel.: 0049-(0) 621-181-2501

Fax:  0049-(0) 621-181-2498

Office hours: by appointment/nach Vereinbarung




  1. Chen, L., Göttlich, S., & Yin, Q. (2016). Mean Field Limit and Propagation of Chaos for a Pedestrian Flow ModelJournal of Statistical Physics, 1-19.



  • Tutorium Dynamische Systeme FSS2015 (Deutsch)
  • Tutorial Introduction to PDEs HWS2015 (English)
  • Tutorium Dynamische Systeme FSS2016 (Deutsch)
  • Tutorial Introduction to PDEs HWS2016 (English)


Academic Activities

  • Workshop on Mean Field Description of Fermionic Systems, LMU, 28.-29. January 2017, Munich, Germany
  • Workshop on Effective One-particle Equations for Fermionic Many-particle Coulomb System: Derivation and Properties, Universität Mannheim, 22.-23. October 2016, Mannheim, Germany
  • Project on Computational Modeling and Analysis for Complex Systems, Tsinghua University, 10.-25. September 2016, Beijing, China
  • Workshop on Recent Advances in Kinetic Equations and Applications, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 1st. June 2016, Paris, France
  • Workshop on Quantum Dynamics and Functional Inequalities, Heinrich Fabri Institut, 14.-18. March 2016, Blaubeuren, Germany