!!! Office Moved (Umzug) !!!

Please be informed that we have moved our office from A5 to B6. Prof Chen's office will now be: 

B 6, 28 - Room C 411 - Bauteil C

Lecture notes and exam

In the updated version of lecture notes, except some small typos the main changes have been marked in red.

The relevant maretials should be before Theorem 7.6 (Fredholm alternative), not including the proof of it.

Office hour before the oral exam (B139)

07.12 Fr. 9:00-11:00

13.12 Do. 9:00-10:00

14.12 Fr. 9:00-11:00

Functional analysis (8ECTS)

Lecture (given by Li Chen) Di. B4, Do. B4

Tutorial (given by Matthew Liew): Mi. B4 @ C015, A5 6

Course discription: This is a Master course. The following contents will be covered: linear spaces; linear maps; the Hahn-Banach theorem; applications of the Hahn-Banach theorem; normed linear spaces; Hilbert space; duals of normed linear spaces; weak convergence;  the weak and weak* topologies; locally convex topologies; Bounded linear maps; Banach algebras and their elementary spectral theory; Examples of operators and their spectra .

Prerequisites: Linear algebra I, Analysis I,II.


P. D. Lax, Functional analysis

M. Reed and B. Simon, ,Methods of modern mathematical physics I, Functional analysis, revised and enlarged edution, 2003.

K. Yosida, Functional analysis, sixth edition, Springer-Verlag, 1980

D. Werner: Funktionalanalysis, Springer, 2011 

H. Heuser: Funktionalanalysis, Teubner, 2006 

F. Hirzebruch, W. Scharlau: Einführung in die Funktionalanalysis, Spektrum, 1991 

H.W. Alt: Lineare Funktionalanalysis: Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung, Springer, 2012

The weekly homework assignments are due 1.45pm Wednesday the following week.

Notes on weak and weak* convergence by C. Heil

Introduction to Functional Analysis & Applications - Kreyszig (PDF, hosted by Uni Sydney)

Problem sets