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Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (8 ECTS)

Lecture: Di. 12:00-13:30 in B6-A305, Do. 10:15-11:45 in  B6-A305

Tutorial: Mi. 13:45-15:15,15:30-17:00 in  B6-A305

Course description: This is an introduction course to PDEs. It includes linear transport equation, wave equation, heat equation and Poisson equation. Derivation of the solution formula by using characteristic method, separation of variable, Fourier transform are given. Classical tools such as maximum principle and energy estimates are introduced in order to get uniqueness and stability of the solutions.

Language: English


  • Lecture notes (online)
  • L. C. Evans, Partial differential equations
  • F. John, Partial Differential Equations
  • S. Salsa, Partial differential equations in action, from modelling to theory
  • W.A. Strauss, Partielle Differentialgleichungen 




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